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You know that you're in the right dental practice when the environment from the time you hit the door speaks to a welcoming presence. The lighting, furniture and wall décor even present calmness. The front office staff and support staff are friendly and resemble your name and recognize your face. The wait time is extremely minimal and service is always top notch. If you are looking for dentistry excellence where technology, current and innovative practices are interwoven with your dental needs… you have certainly found it with Dr. Felton and his phenomenal team. I have had many experiences with dental providers. I am so happy that I found the right practice for life.

-Satonya P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Felton for many years with complete satisfaction. Recently I have had crown work done, and I can say that Dr. Felton gives 110 per cent to everything he does.

-Peggy Thomas

I have been a patient at Dr. Felton's practice since November 2014. I was referred by an online service after breaking a tooth. I was impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Felton's staff and how friendly and personable everyone was. Dr. Felton and his staff did a complete assessment of my dental needs and developed a comprehensive treatment plan. The first procedure was a root canal and crown on the broken tooth. I had heard many stories about how awful root canals were and I can state that it wasn't a difficult experience at all. Over the past year, I have had all of my old style amalgam fillings replaced with current, state of the art filling materials. In addition, I have had three crowns and an implant all done in Dr. Felton's office. Dr. Felton is very personable and thoroughly explains each and every procedure and is more than willing to answer any and all questions you might have. His staff has always been very welcoming and pleasant. He has obviously taken the time and effort to surround himself with the best support staff available. They are knowledgeable and very competent. Every visit has exceeded my expectations in every way. From the first root canal and crown to the implant, every procedure has been accomplished with the utmost efficiency and the least amount of discomfort to me. My only regret is that I did not discover Dr. Felton's practice years ago. For the first time in my life I can truthfully say that I look forward to my dental appointments. Both Dr. Felton and staff are outstanding!!

-Charles Noe, III

After years of neglect and putting everyone in my family 1st above my needs, it was my turn to find a Dentist that could address all my dental need. I made an appointment with Dr. Walter D. Felton Family and Cosmetic Family Dentistry for a exam and a cleaning. Upon my exam I set up another appointment at a later date to discuss my dental need personally with Dr. Felton. I was in need of some major dental work and it was time to take care of Dad. 9 Crowns, several cavities filled and several old silver fillings replace and my teeth whitened... My smile was totally up to speed and all of my dental needs addressed in a timely manner that worked out with my Dental Insurance and budget. The end result was so "IMPRESSIVE" that I had to learn how to smile all over again. I now hear from members of the opposite sex what a FANTASTIC smile I have! After I thank them, I tell them... "I have a AWESOME DENTIST!!!"

-Robert Mostoller

Walter D. Felton Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has made me able to smile again with confidence! I was born without an adult #10 tooth (lateral incisor) on my left front side and my #7 adult tooth (lateral incisor) grew in too small creating a gap between that tooth and my central incisor. I went a few years without going to the dentist because of insurance issues and self esteem. When I came into the office for a consultation I felt right at home. They made me feel comfortable and talked me through all the things that I needed to get done. I ended up receiving a tooth implant and bone graft on my #10 and a no-prep veneer on my #7. I was worried about being awake during the implant and bone graft, but Dr. Felton reassured me that I wouldn't feel anything and if I did he would make sure that I was comfortable. The entire process was pain free and so exciting! The end result is something that I would have never imagined. I'm always catching myself smiling in the mirror and seeing my beautiful smile. I would highly recommend Walter D. Felton Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to all of my friends and family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to Walter D. Felton and staff for such an amazing job!

-Cassandra Jones

Hi-my name is Tonya and I am scared of anything remotely related to a dentist. I was Blessed to receive Dr. Felton's introduction card in 2011. Upon his introduction, I thought he was a product of Beetlemania (his hair). Because of his vast knowledge, he knew right away that my severe pain should be analyzed by an Oral Surgeon. Dr. Felton and Maxine rushed to get me an appt. same day. Although I was crying uncontrollably, he managed to alert my sister that he would meet us there. When I walked in and saw Dr.Felton I calmed down. Not a lot, but enough to here him mention Trigeminal. Long story longer.......Dr. Felton was confident in his profession and his referrals. It was diagnosed after my Gamma Knife Surgery that I had MS. Yes,I could go to any dr closer to me. I choose to drive 40-50 min because I TRUST Dr.Felton!! His team is a refreshing treat upon calling in or seeing smiling faces when I walk in. This practice will be here because they work well as a team!!!

-Tonya Ross