Eat What You Want With Dental Implants

When you think about Thanksgiving, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

In addition to family and friends, many of us look forward to the delicious feast that we get to enjoy.

Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, casseroles, and desserts (so many desserts) are just waiting to be eaten. For someone with loose dentures, however, that Thanksgiving meal could seem more frustrating. With dentures, you can’t eat as well as someone with a full set of healthy teeth. That can limit what you can confidently put on your plate.

Don’t let your dentures determine what you will eat. Instead, plan a visit to the office of Walter D. Felton, DDS, in Chester, VA. Discover how dental implants could let you eat anything that you want.

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The Root Issue

Natural teeth are essentially divided into two parts, the crowns and the roots.

Your crowns are the part of your teeth that people can see when you smile. They are the part you use (or used) to bite and chew your food.

Dentures are essentially replacements for the crowns of your missing teeth. Compared to having no teeth at all, dentures are an improvement. You can have a smile that looks whole, and you can eat some things. Research has shown that people with dentures can create about 25 percent of the bite force of someone who has all their healthy teeth.

Someone with implant-supported dentures, however, can bite will almost as much power as someone who has all their teeth. That’s why you can eat what you want when you have dental implants.

You also won’t need to fool with denture adhesives. These can help keep dentures from moving around too much, but adhesives don’t last forever. Besides, many patients have complained that their adhesives have an aftertaste that affects the flavor of everything they eat.

Secure Your Smile

Implants are so effective because they were developed to function as replacements for your missing roots. Implants are placed directly in your jawbone.

This has some clear benefits for your long-term oral health. First, your implants are held in place by your jaw. This allows them to provide a stable and secure foundation to support your dentures.

With implants, you don’t worry that your dentures might move around when you try to speak or take a bite of particular foods. As anyone with slippery dentures could tell you, it can be awkward when your “teeth” slide around.

Implants also are good for the health of your jaw. When you have teeth, your roots push into your jawbone with every bite and chew. That stimulates the jaw to make new bone tissue. Dentures alone don’t replicate that stimulation, which is why bone loss is common among denture wearers. By getting implants, you are able to recreate the pressure your jaw needs to prevent bone loss.

Enjoy Many Holidays To Come

With dental implants, your dentures can function practically as well as natural teeth. To restore more than just your smile, schedule an appointment at Dr. Felton’s office in Chester, VA.

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