Feel More Confident With A Smile Makeover

You’ve been living with the same problem for years, maybe even decades. It’s always bothered you, but you’ve never done anything about.

It’s time to change that. Today is the day to contact the office of Walter D. Felton, DDS, to find out how you can get a smile makeover.

You deserve to be happy, and you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about letting other people see how happy you are. Stop hiding your mouth behind your hand when you speak. Stop worrying that other people might be judging you because of the condition of your teeth.

Take control of your situation. Your first step is calling 804-717-2099 to schedule a consultation about our office in Chester, VA.

Imagine Having A Confident Smile

Multiple surveys have shown that smiles are one of the things people remember most about others. In fact, other people are more likely to remember your smile than they are to remember what you said when you met them for the first time.

Let that sink in for a moment. You may be meeting new people regularly as part of your job. You may have friends who regularly invite you to social events. You might just be looking to meet a romantic partner. What do you want your smile to tell them?

If you don’t smile at all because you don’t like the look of your teeth, you may be getting in your own way unintentionally.

Take a moment to think about your favorite celebrities. Can you see their smiles in your mind? What do you remember about them?

Many entertainers have what has been called the “Hollywood smile.” This kind of smile looks good and gives the person smiling the appearance of confidence. It usually includes bright, white teeth. Those teeth are usually straight and evenly spaced too. They don’t have chipped or broken teeth or “gummy” smiles, either.

What would you need to change to feel more confident in your smile?

Turn Your Dream Smile Into A Reality

No matter what your answer was to the previous question, we feel confident that we can help.

Smile makeovers can involve one or more of our cosmetic services. In some cases, we may include some of our restorative options as well. The important thing to remember is that you deserve a great smile. A confident smile can help you no matter who you are or what you do for a living.

If you want to improve the color of your smile, professional teeth whitening can remove deep stains. Dental veneers can help by concealing your teeth and changing what people seeing.

If you have teeth that are misshapen or cover by excess gum tissue, then you should ask about tooth reshaping or crown lengthening. If your teeth are broken, cracked, or decayed, a dental crown could be just what you need to repair that part of your smile.

If you wish for a straight smile or to close gaps between your teeth, we offer Invisalign aligners. This orthodontic treatment is a discreet way to realign your smile without brackets or wires.

See The Difference For Yourself

Dr. Felton and Dr. Smith have helped countless patients in and around Chester improve their smiles. Many have told us their only wish was that they had made those changes sooner.

Don’t wait any longer. Get the smile you want by visiting us. Call 804-717-2099 or contact us online to request a consultation to get started on your smile makeover.

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