Keep Smiling With A Tooth Extraction

Imagine a man who has a cavity. He doesn’t notice it at first although he is aware that one of his teeth feels more sensitive than usual.

He eats around that tooth, which makes him more comfortable, but does nothing to stop the decay eating away at his tooth. After a while, that tooth starts to ache … and yet, he still tries to ignore the pain, hoping it will go away on its own.

It doesn’t end. In time, he finally does go to the dentist. He learns to his disappointment, that the tooth cannot be saved. At this point, a root canal won’t even be enough. He needs oral surgery, specifically a tooth extraction, to prevent the problems from spreading and robbing him of more teeth.

At the office of Walter D. Felton, DDS, we can perform this procedure at our office in Chester, VA. If you need a tooth removed — or you want to take action now to keep your teeth in your mouth — call 804-717-2099 to make an appointment.

Don’t Delay To Save Your Smile

When you are having a problem, you know the best approach is to deal with it as soon as you are able. When problems are allowed to linger, they can get worse and may need more complex solutions.

In the example above (which has happened to multiple patients we have treated), the man could have dealt with the decay in the early stages with a dental filling. Even if he waited a bit, a dental crown could have restored his tooth, so he could smile and eat comfortably again.

If he had called us when he started having a toothache, a root canal probably could have fixed his tooth as well.

But when decay stays around, it can weaken a tooth to a point that it cannot be saved. In those instances, you are better off removing and replacing the damaged tooth.

With a tooth extraction, you are removing the problematic tooth. However, leaving a gap in your mouth can lead to more problems, which is why replacing your missing tooth is strongly recommended as well. A dental bridge or an implant-supported crown can prevent your teeth from moving around, changing your smile and your bite.

Keep Your Smile, Not Your Problem

Our preference is to help patients keep as many of their teeth as long as possible. Even so, there will be times and situations when extractions are beneficial.

We already mentioned the severely infected tooth as one example. A similar need for an extraction can happen when a tooth is broken or cracked as a result of a traumatic injury of some kind.

You probably know people who have had their wisdom teeth removed. You may be one yourself. This is done is because most people’s jaws are not large enough for wisdom teeth to erupt corrected. As a result, wisdom teeth often become impacted, which can lead to a lifetime of problems.

Save Your Smile

Sometimes, you can save your smile by getting rid of a problem, which is why we provide teeth extractions for our patients at Dr. Felton’s office in Chester, VA. To keep you comfortable during this procedure, we offer a number of comfort options, including anti-anxiety medication to ease your mind and keep you pain-free.

Call 804-717-2099 or contact us online to request more information or a consultation.

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