Stronger Smiles Start with Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can ruin your day. Not replacing missing teeth could spoil the rest of your life.

Don’t let tooth loss become a bigger problem than it needs to be. Instead, take action today to get dental implants. You can restore the function of your missing teeth along with the appearance of your beautiful smile.

Implants provide a level of stability and security that you won’t find without them. To experience this for yourself, schedule a visit to the office of Walter D. Felton, DDS. You can find our dentist in Chester, VA. Call 804-717-2099 to set up a consultation.

Prevent Bone Loss

Tooth loss is a problem for a number of reasons. It changes the appearance of your smile. It can make it difficult to bite and chew.

And it can set the stage for bone loss in your jaw. In fact, a single missing tooth can lead to up to 25 percent bone loss in the part of your jaw without a tooth. As your jawbone loses tissue, you are more likely to lose teeth … which raises your risk of losing even more bone. It’s a bad cycle you want to end as quickly as possible.

Getting a traditional bridge or traditional dentures can restore the appearance of your smile, but those replacement options are missing something critical. Without something to replace the roots of your lost teeth, the risk of bone loss is still there.

By getting implants, you will be replacing your roots, which can stop the kind of bone loss described above.

Eat What You Love

Patients who get dentures (full or partial) often feel good about having them at first. After all, dentures bring back your nice smile, and they certainly help you eat more food than you would without any kind of teeth replacements.

Over time, however, dentures have a tendency to become looser (in part because of the bone loss we mentioned above). That can make it difficult to eat many foods. So, you may turn to denture adhesives to keep your “teeth” in place.

That can help temporarily, but even then, you can’t generate the same kind of bite force as natural teeth. At the same time, many patients have complained that the flavor of their adhesives interferes with the taste of their food.

With implants, your replacement teeth are securely anchors to your jaw. That keeps them secure with any need for adhesives. It also lets you create more power with every bite and chew.

As a result, you can continue eating the foods that you love without worrying about your dentures coming loose. That’s a win-win in our book!

Rebuild More Than a Smile

With dental implants from Dr. Fenton’s office, you can feel great about your smile and confident that you can eat what you want. To find out if implants will work for you, schedule a consultation at our office in Chester.

Request your appointment by filling out our online form or by calling 804-717-2099.

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