Treat TMJ To Stop The Headaches, Jaw Pain

You’ve got another headache. How many days in on a row has it been? Waking us with a painful head is never fun.

You take a few pain relievers and go about the rest of our morning routine. On the way to work, you pull through a drive-through to grab a quick coffee and a breakfast sandwich. You are happy to have the comfort of a warm drink, but when you take a bite of your sandwich — the pain. Your jaw hurts so much, you don’t try to finish it.

You want to stop the headaches and the jaw pain. Visiting Walter D. Felton, DDS, may be just what you should do. You may be grinding your teeth, which can lead to a TMJ disorder. We have a treatment that could help. Call 804-717-2099 to make an appointment at our Chester, VA dental office.

Stop The Cause Of Your Pain

TMJ problems can develop for a number of reasons. Accidents and injuries can play a role. For some people, arthritis is a contributing factor. Illness and infections can affect your jaw joints as well.

And as we noted above, grinding your teeth together can play an unfortunate role as well. Teeth grinding can occur because of the way your jaw is aligned or as an involuntary response to stress in your life. People who grind their teeth in their sleep have been recorded generating 500 pounds of pressure or more. For comparison, that’s double what’s considered normal for a human bite.

If you are doing this for hours every night, it makes sense that you might wake up with a headache, have jaw pain when you eat, and other issues. Feeling like your jaw is stuck or stiff, earaches, and pains in the face, neck, and upper back are other common symptoms of TMJ problems.

Knowing this, you could stop your symptoms if you could prevent the teeth grinding from happening.

Get A Night Guard Made Just For You

One of the simplest ways to stop you from grinding your teeth together is putting a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth.

At our office in Chester, we can design a custom-made oral device that you can wear while you sleep. Now, this device serves two purposes. The first is the one that we mentioned. It stops you from grinding your teeth together. This also is good for your smile, since grinding your teeth down raises your risk of damaged teeth. The added force from grinding also can contribute to gum infections.

The second benefit is something you might consider physical therapy for your jaw. By wearing a mouthguard, you’ll be changing the resting position of your jaw. This can alleviate the pressure on your jaw joint. By letting your jaw relax, you could have fewer headaches, jaw pains, and other issues.

Feel The Difference For Yourself

If you would rather wake up without pain in your head and you want to eat comfortably again, then you should contact Dr. Felton today. To request an appointment, either call 804-717-2099 or fill out our online form.

Stop suffering and start feeling like yourself again.

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