Sleep Apnea

If you are tired all the time, you may blame a busy schedule. Your fatigue could be due to sleep apnea, however, a common condition that many people don’t even realize they have. While feeling fatigued is bad enough, apnea has been linked to many health risks, including high blood pressure and ...

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Dental Implants

Don’t let missing teeth continue interfering with your ability to eat, smile, and fully enjoy life. If you’re not familiar with dental implants, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about them. Dr. Walter Felton, a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, can use these ...

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Oral Surgery

Even the most conscientious of patients can sometimes end up in a dental situation that requires oral surgery to correct. That’s no problem at the office of Walter D. Felton, DDS. Our skilled dentists and staff have served Chester for over 35 years, helping patient after patient get their oral ...

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General Dentistry

There is much more to general dentistry at Walter D. Felton, DDS than just regular checkups. You need those, of course, but Drs. Felton and Bahng offer you many great ways to keep your smile healthy and bright. Satisfied Chester patients have relied on us for over 35 years! Here’s what you, too, ...

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Tooth Removal / Extractions

You don’t have to endure what seems like never-ending dental pain. If you have a hurting tooth that’s not repairable, the team at Walter D. Felton, DDS will gently remove it for you. Our dentists have more than four decades of combined dental experience, so they will make sure your care is as ...

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Dental Cleanings and Exams

Dr. Felton and Dr. Bahng recommend that our patients visit us at least twice per year for a checkup. Routine dental cleanings and exams in Chester give us an opportunity to keep an eye on your oral health and help you maintain a great smile. Other benefits of regular checkups from Walter D. Felton, ...

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TMJ Treatment/ Teeth Grinding

Nagging jaw pain. Popping when you chew. Maybe even a locked jaw at times. These are all symptoms of TMJ disorder that the office of Walter D. Felton, DDS can treat with a simple oral appliance. TMJ treatment from our Chester dental team can help: Relax your jaw and ease tension in your ...

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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease can lurk in your mouth, often without any obvious signs. Left untreated, it can sneak up on you and cause damage to your smile. However, with help from Drs. Felton and Bahng, your gums will be fine. Chester gum disease treatment from Walter D. Felton, DDS will: Remove hidden ...

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Family Dentistry

Dr. Walter Felton has treated Richmond area patients for over 35 years, including countless children and older kids. He and our team love to teach tiny patients good oral hygiene and watch them grow up with beautiful, lasting smiles. We can care for every member of your family. Here’s why so many ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Put a drab, imperfect smile behind you. With cosmetic dentistry from the talented dental team at Walter D. Felton, DDS, you no longer have to wait to get the smile of your dreams. Just like we have for thousands of other Chester and Richmond-area residents, we’ll put our skills and expertise to ...

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