Restore Your Gum Health With Gum Disease Treatment in Chester

Gum disease can lurk in your mouth, often without any obvious signs. Left untreated, it can sneak up on you and cause damage to your smile. However, with help from Drs. Felton and Patel, your gums will be fine. Chester gum disease treatment from Walter D. Felton, DDS will:

  • Remove hidden infection beneath your gumline.
  • Help guard against gum recession and tooth loss.
  • Give you a more attractive smile you’ll feel confident in.
  • Help fight chronic halitosis (bad breath).

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Catch Gum Disease Early to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Gum disease is one of the most underdiagnosed oral problems. Some health professionals estimate that up to 48 percent of adults ages 30-64 have some form of gum disease. At Walter D. Felton, DDS, we maintain a high bar for what we consider “healthy.” Treating gum disease is a big focus for our dental practice, and we have several techniques to restore health to your mouth.

The first step toward treating gum disease is a thorough examination. That’s why it’s so important to visit Dr. Felton or Dr. Patel at least twice a year for a regular checkup. Early detection of gum disease will make your treatment more effective and less costly.

If we find evidence of gum disease in your mouth, scaling and root planing are usually the first steps. Using special tools, your dentist will gently remove (scale) the built-up tartar and bacteria on your teeth roots below the gumline. Then we will smooth (plane) the roots to make it more difficult for bacteria to grow back there. Depending on your situation, we may need to repeat this procedure several times per year.

More severe gum disease may require using antibiotics to help fight the infection. If needed, we can also recommend certain specialty toothpastes and mouthwashes that will help prevent bacteria from building up again. In addition, we can show you the best ways to brush and floss at home to keep your teeth and gums as clean as possible.

Get your gums and your smile healthy again with gum disease treatment in Chester. Call our team today at 804-717-2099 to schedule an exam.

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