Tonya R.

Hi – my name is Tonya and I am scared of anything remotely related to a dentist. I was blessed to receive Dr. Felton’s introduction card in 2011. Upon his introduction, I thought he was a product of Beatlemania (his hair). Because of his vast knowledge, he knew right away that my severe pain should be analyzed by an oral surgeon. Dr. Felton and Maxine rushed to get me an appt. same day. Although I was crying uncontrollably, he managed to alert my sister that he would meet us there. When I walked in and saw Dr. Felton I calmed down. Not a lot, but enough to hear him mention trigeminal. Long story longer … Dr. Felton was confident in his profession and his referrals. It was diagnosed after my gamma knife surgery that I had MS. Yes, I could go to any dr. closer to me. I choose to drive 40-50 min. because I TRUST Dr. Felton!! His team is a refreshing treat upon calling in or seeing smiling faces when I walk in. This practice will be here because they work well as a team!!!

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