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Good Oral Care Habits Matter at Every Age

Are you looking for ways to improve your oral health and maintain it for a lifetime? Well, you've come to the right place. At Felton Dentistry, we want to share with you the importance of establishing good oral care habits…

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Easing Anxiety and Pain: A Guide to Dental Anesthesia

Visiting the dentist can often evoke anxiety and unease in many individuals. However, we strive to alleviate these fears with our comprehensive guide to dental anesthesia and sedation techniques. Ensuring your oral health should not be compromised by dental phobias.…

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Advances in Dentistry: A Closer Look at New Tools and Techniques

In the pursuit of oral health, we constantly encounter novel dental technology and breakthroughs. From the use of artificial intelligence to improved imaging and sedation methods, contemporary dentistry innovations are altering our perceptions of dental health. The Dawn of Artificial…

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Top Five Common Dental Issues

Having healthy teeth and gums is essential to our overall health, yet many of us experience common tooth and gum issues that, if left untreated, can lead to more serious oral health issues down the road. In this blog post,…

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Finding Your Perfect Dentist in Your Local Area

Are you looking for a dentist in the Chester area? Whether you’re looking for family dentistry, children’s dental care, routine cleanings, cosmetic procedures, or orthodontics, finding the right dentist for your needs is essential. With so many dentists to choose…

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