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Restore Your Smile with Dental Veneers in Chester, VA

Transform your smile with the help of Felton Dentistry. You can have your teeth repaired and your smile improved with the beauty and versatility of dental veneers. In just two visits to our Chester, VA office, you’ll have custom veneers that:

  • Give you renewed confidence to show off your smile.
  • Make social and romantic interactions more comfortable.
  • Help you earn more respect in your professional life.
  • Give you a younger, healthier appearance.

Change Your Life with New Veneers

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your smile, there’s nothing quite like veneers. These thin shells of tooth-colored material fit over the front of individual teeth to quickly hide cosmetic flaws and strengthen the tooth. Veneers are a fantastic cosmetic option for repairing small cracks, chips, and stains, as well as teeth that are gapped, uneven, or worn.

Teeth veneers are usually crafted from either porcelain or composite resin, although we will customize the material to your individual needs. IPS e. Max is one line of dental veneers that we often use in our office. These veneers are made from hardened porcelain and designed to be super-thin (about the thickness of a contact lens) as well as strong and durable.

Composite veneers will give you a smile makeover that is more affordable, yet still beautiful. Using our skills and artistry, we can make these veneers right in our office. We’ll custom craft and shape each veneer to ensure a perfect fit and lasting results. You’ll leave our office with a gorgeous new smile, brimming with confidence!

Visit us in Chester and let us give you the beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming about with custom, top-quality veneers. Call us today at 804-717-2099 to make an appointment and be one step closer to your new look.

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