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Get Your Dream Smile at a Cosmetic Dentist in Chester, VA

Ditch a drab, imperfect smile and let the cosmetic dentists in Chester, VA at Felton Dentistry put their skills and expertise to work for you. If you want to gain more confidence in your smile, our wide selection of cosmetic dentistry solutions is just what you’ve been looking for.

After our cosmetic dental treatment, you’ll have a whole new outlook on life. You’ll enjoy:

  • Showing off your best and biggest smile in social encounters.
  • Dating that’s fun and comfortable again.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing tooth decay and disease.
  • Gaining a significant advantage when seeking a promotion or new job.

Schedule your consultation with one of the best cosmetic dentists in Chester, VA for any of the following options:

Dental Veneers

Thin shells of tooth-colored material will make quick work of a dull smile. They will bond to the front of your teeth to hide cracks, chips, stains, gaps, and worn teeth. We can use either porcelain e.Max® veneers or composite veneers to create your new image.


Clear teeth aligners crafted from smooth plastic can straighten your smile in as little as 12 months. Plus, you’ll never suffer the embarrassment of showing off a mouthful of metal.

Tooth Bonding

In just one visit, Dr. Felton can use durable composite resin to repair tooth flaws like chips, cracks, fractures, small gaps, uneven teeth, and worn teeth. You’ll leave with a near-perfect smile that’s easy on your budget.

Smile Makeover

Our team will help you design a custom treatment plan combining any of our cosmetic dental services. Whether your smile just needs a little touch up up here and there or a complete overhaul, we’ll tailor a plan to fit your needs.

Teeth Contouring/Crown Lengthening

Our dentists can contour your teeth to remove rough edges and give your smile a more even look. Crown lengthening will gently shape your gum tissue to allow your teeth to appear longer and more attractive.

Snap-On Smile®

This custom-designed mouthpiece is a great way to temporarily but dramatically alter your smile. We often use this treatment during a patient’s healing process after receiving their dental implants.

If you’re in the Chester, VA area and looking for top cosmetic dentistry services to improve your smile –– contact us, we can help.

Professional Teeth Whitening from Your Cosmetic Dentist in Chester, VA

If you’re self-conscious about yellowed or stained teeth, you’ll be excited to know that we offer a safe way to get a smile that is several shades lighter in as little as an hour without harming your gums. There are many reasons for tooth discoloration, and some types of stains can be more easily removed.

Reasons for tooth discoloration that may not respond to home whitening treatments because they originate from inside the tooth, include:

  • Infection
  • Aging
  • Medication
  • Childhood illness
  • Tooth trauma

However, professional teeth whitening treatments may help.

Stains that affect the exterior of the tooth only can be easier to remove and can be a result of:

  • Drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, and red wine that have intense color pigments
  • Using tobacco, which has tar and nicotine that create stubborn stains

Simple and affordable, teeth whitening is an effective way to improve the appearance of your smile. At Felton Dentistry, we offer in-office and take-home, custom whitening trays for your convenience.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Chester, VA, or surrounding areas, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure, but you might wonder if you should get your teeth professionally whitened or just do an at-home whitening treatment.

Both can be an effective way to improve the look of your teeth, but there are a few distinct differences between the two options.

At-home treatments can come in a variety of forms, from whitening trays or gel strips, to rinses or toothpastes. While these methods are easy to use and typically inexpensive, they won’t give you as good of results as a professional whitening treatment. The at-home trays and gel strips are not custom-fit to your teeth and the rinses and toothpastes will require multiple applications to achieve the same results as one professional-grade treatment.

Professional whitening can eliminate all the hassle in just one treatment. Custom trays and a higher grade (stronger) solution make a professional whitening treatment more effective. Under the supervision of a licensed dental professional, you’ll receive a more thorough, impressive result.

The first thing our dental team will do before your teeth whitening treatment is to record the current shade of your teeth. Next, we’ll clean your teeth to remove any plaque or debris. Then the whitening solution is applied.

Our teeth whitening treatment removes built-up stains and reverses tooth discoloration using hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide creates a chemical reaction that breaks up the stains on the teeth with the help of lasers to activate the peroxide. With just a one-hour treatment, you’ll enjoy long-lasting results. If you’re looking for an even whiter shade, you may choose to schedule future appointments to achieve the look you desire.

While teeth whitening can be one of the best cosmetic dental procedures to achieve a brighter smile, it may not be for everyone. This is especially true if you have sensitive teeth, decay on your teeth, gum infection, or dental work such as veneers on the front of the teeth. Speak to our expert dentists to determine what’s best for your specific situation.

Our friendly cosmetic dentists in Chester, VA, look forward to whitening your smile soon!

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