Receive Fast Help For Dental Emergencies in Chester

No matter how careful you are to keep up with regular checkups and good oral hygiene, you may still face dental emergencies. If you’re hurting and your smile is in danger, call Walter D. Felton, DDS now at 804-717-2099 for fast help. We’ll get you into our Chester dentist office the same day so you receive the fast care your smile needs. When you have a dental crisis, our team will:

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  • Treat your urgent need to provide pain relief and preserve your smile.
  • Offer you comforting amenities like a soft pillow or warm blanket.
  • Create an individualized treatment plan for repairing your smile.
  • Make recommendations for other dental care to keep your smile healthy and attractive.

Call our office now at 804-717-2099 for a same-day emergency appointment. If you’re a current patient, feel free to call us after hours as well – you’ll get Dr. Felton’s cell phone number.

Rely on Our Expertise to Save Your Smile

In 35 years of practicing dentistry, there’s not any type of dental emergency that Dr. Felton hasn’t treated. Rest assured that he, Dr. Patel, and the rest of our team have the experience needed to stop your pain and quickly get you back to smiling again.

In general, if you’re hurting, we consider it an emergency. Below are some situations that typically require emergency treatment, along with steps to take before your appointment in our office:

  • Toothache. A toothache could be a sign of an abscess or tooth infection. Call us as soon as possible, then rinse your mouth with warm water. An ice pack will help reduce your swelling and pain.
  • Lost Filling. Put some sugar-free gum or dental cement in the space as a temporary measure, then call our office for an appointment.
  • Broken or Chipped Tooth. Be sure to retrieve any broken pieces of tooth, then call us immediately. Ice will help with any pain and swelling.
  • Loose or Broken Crown. Try to reattach the crown by coating its inside surface with dental cement or toothpaste, then slipping it back over your tooth. Call us for an appointment as soon as possible so we can reattach it.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth. Without touching the tooth’s roots, retrieve it by the crown (white part). Place it in a container of milk or salt water to preserve it. Call us immediately so that our dentist can see you as soon as possible.

Call us now at 804-717-2099 for any dental emergencies you or a family member are facing. We’re here to help!

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