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IV Sedation


IV (intravenous) sedation is a method of dental sedation that involves administering sedative drugs intravenously, allowing the patient to enter a state of deep relaxation while still remaining conscious. IV sedation is often preferred for patients with dental anxiety or those undergoing complex or lengthy procedures. It is administered by a trained professional, ensuring the patient’s safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

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IV sedation can help alleviate fear and discomfort, making the dental experience more comfortable for the patient. It helps in the recovery process by allowing the patient to feel more comfortable and less anxious after the procedure. It can also minimize memories of the surgery, which is beneficial for patients with dental phobia. IV sedation enhances patient comfort and compliance during complex or lengthy dental procedures. It allows for better control of pain and anxiety, leading to improved patient experiences and outcomes.

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Sedation levels with IV sedation can range from minimal to deep, depending on the drug dosage and the patient’s needs. It has a rapid onset, with effects typically felt within minutes. After their procedure, patients generally recover quickly from the sedative effects, but may require observation until they are safe to leave the dental office



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