Enjoy The Benefits of a Root Canal in Chester

Most people don’t like to think about getting a root canal. However, this is one of the most misunderstood dental treatments. Patients who get root canal therapy from Walter D. Felton, DDS don’t feel any more discomfort than they do getting a tooth filled. Chester root canals actually offer you many benefits, especially in the skilled hands of Dr. Felton or Dr. Patel:

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  • Relieving your nagging toothache.
  • Avoiding a tooth extraction.
  • Preparing your tooth for a new crown.
  • Protecting a damaged tooth from further problems.

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Avoid Having To Remove Your Tooth

A tooth’s root canals are located in the soft inner part of the tooth known as the pulp. When a tooth gets damaged or a cavity is left untreated, infection can eventually reach the pulp and cause you a great deal of pain.

At this point, a root canal procedure is usually required to stop your pain and repair the tooth. In most cases, a root canal will help you avoid having to remove the tooth.

We’ll first administer local anesthesia and make sure the area around your infected tooth is completely numb. Then your dentist will make a small hole in the top of the tooth, through which they will remove the diseased pulp.

Next, your dentist will use HyFlex rotary files to carefully shape and repair each root canal inside the tooth. These high-tech, electrically powered tools are more precise than traditional manual files. Disinfecting medicine will then be applied to sterilize the inside of the tooth.

Dr. Felton or Dr. Patel will then seal the canals with a special, rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This will help prevent the tooth from becoming reinfected. Finally, they will close the hole in the top of the tooth with composite resin.

For a lasting restoration, we recommend capping the tooth with a crown. Materials available for the crown include all-ceramic, porcelain-over-metal, and gold. A new crown will help strengthen the tooth and provide more stability for biting and chewing.

Root canals in Chester help our patients feel better – and they can do the same for you! Call us today at 804-717-2099 to set up your appointment.

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