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Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Tamara earned her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Old Dominion University in 1997. Over her 25 years of experience, Tamara’s passion for dental hygiene patient education, plus her mastery of dental instrumentation, allows her to deliver gentle and effective patient care. She especially has a heart and patience to work with those with dental apprehensions because she understands the delicate touch needed for those with dental anxieties.

When not working in the dental office, Tamara stays very busy with other endeavors. Tamara and her husband Vernon are the founders of Kingdom Purpose TV, a 24/7 Christian Broadcasting Network, which can be found on most streaming platforms. Tamara is also the co-author of a prayer journal, The Blueprint to Building a Healthier You, One Prayer at a Time.

Her spare time is spent lovingly sharing quality time with her husband and teenage son, who she affectionately calls “my guys.”

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