TMJ Treatment in Chester Makes a Pain-Free Jaw Possible

Nagging jaw pain. Popping when you chew. Maybe even a locked jaw at times. These are all symptoms of TMJ disorder that the office of Walter D. Felton, DDS can treat with a simple oral appliance. TMJ treatment from our Chester dental team can help:

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  • Relax your jaw and ease tension in your neck and shoulders.
  • Stop teeth grinding and potential tooth enamel damage.
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches.
  • Allow you to eat more comfortably and enjoy mealtimes again.
  • Make talking, yawning, and even singing more comfortable.

Get the relief you deserve. Call our team today at 804-717-2099 to schedule your appointment for TMJ help or other dental care. You’ll find our office at 10611 Greenyard Way, Ste. A – across the street from Trinity United Methodist Church in the 23831 ZIP code.

Discover Relief With a Custom Oral Device

Even though you may be suffering from TMJ pain, you may not know exactly what it is. Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are located on either side of your head. For reasons not fully understood, these complex joints can become irritated and inflamed, creating a great deal of pain. Even simple acts like talking and eating can cause TMJ sufferers shooting pain in the area of their jaw, face, and ears.

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However, Drs. Felton and Patel can help. With the aid of custom night guards, we’ve allowed many patients to enjoy freedom from TMJ discomfort after they had given up hope. Your new oral appliance will fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep. It will move your lower jaw forward just a bit to ease the tension on your TMJ. Although the action is slight, it’s enough to help your jaw relax.

Your jaw will feel better and you won’t wince in pain every time you laugh, talk, or chew. The night guard will also help eliminate teeth grinding while you sleep (which many people do without even knowing it). Less teeth grinding means less damage to your tooth enamel and can even mean fewer and less intense headaches.

TMJ treatment from Walter D. Felton, DDS can put an end to jaw pain and help you feel better. Call us today at 804-717-2099 to schedule your appointment. Or request an appointment online if it’s more convenient. We are a division of Central Virginia Dental Care.

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